• Quality. Integrity. Craftsmanship.

    These elements are the cornerstones of Beyond Structure Builders.  We approach every project with an unsurpassed attention to detail.  We expect the best of ourselves and those we partner with on a daily basis.  These values give us the strength to produce consistent excellence.

  • Custom Cabinetry

    Our unique approach to custom cabinetry provides outstanding quality at great value.

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  • Your dream home

    "Throughout the renovation, we were constantly impressed by the team of true professionals and craftsmen that make up Beyond Structure Builders.  The attention to detail that is engrained in all of them made it such that we never had to worry about the quality of the work being done in our home."

    - Brian Ford and Brad Jobe

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Extraordinary quality.  Attention to detail.  Superb craftsmanship.  Flawless delivery.  All hallmarks of the Beyond Structure Builders portfolio of work.

  • Traditional Masterpiece

    Traditional Masterpiece

    This magnificent home is a showcase of talents.  Beautifully laid marble tile, custom crafted cabinetry, walnut flooring, and unique detailing, all protected by the home's fortress like exterior of brick and stone.   Extensive planning went into the construction to minimize future maintenance of the property so the owners could focus on entertaining their family.  With a custom kitchen a chef would dream of, and four bedroom suites, each with their own bathroom, this home is where memories are made.

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  • 70's Drab to Modern Fab

    70's Drab to Modern Fab

    Beyond Structure doesn't back down from a challenge.  Ever.  This project called for a quick turnaround in four months.  While the date never changed, the workload increased.  Our incredible team of dedicated craftsman and subcontractors performed a miracle.  The end result was the owners' vision realized, the idyllic setting for a beautiful wedding, and a hip, modern home showcasing the property's panoramic views.

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  • Modern Williamstown

    Modern Williamstown

    The perfect setting was found - an older home just a block away from the owner's alma mater.  The old structure was torn down and a new home crafted in its place.  This home fits its classic New England neighborhood on the exterior, yet the interior is a stunning showcase of modern, clean, elegant design.  Not to take itself too seriously, it tips its hat to the adjacent college, with accents of school colors and mascot representations.

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  • The Mushroom House

    The Mushroom House

    Hidden away on five hundred acres, a 1970's treehouse was in need of serious care.  The house had listed more than four inches on one side, and its burlap ceilings were serious cause for alarm.  The structure was straightened, the interior gutted, and this treehouse was made into a casual retreat perfectly matched to its setting.  Careful space planning in eight hundred square feet yielded smart design for anyone looking to get away from it all, yet still have refined quality at their fingertips.

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  • Other Projects

    Other Projects

    From whimsical children's playgrounds to concrete countertops, our diverse product offering has your needs covered.

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A transplant to Berkshire County, David Rynes founded Beyond Structure Builders in 2005.  Trained originally as an engineer, David's building career began after building his own home in the Berkshires.  Spending his first few years in the business fixing the work of contractors and builders that had come before him, he learned many lessons about the value of quality work.  These experiences also gave him insight into the needs of his clients, and how to troubleshoot issues with an eye toward efficiency and quality.  Over the past 9 years, Beyond Structure has grown from just David working alone, to today's staffing of 10 full time employees.  The company has taken on all types of projects and styles from very traditional to modern designs, encompassing new construction, small and large renovations, residential and commercial projects.  Above all, Beyond Structure Builders strives to provide excellent craftsmanship at great value, while making the process easy and fun.  The name of the company, "Beyond Structure," is meant to embody our company's panoramic view on every project.  Building a home goes beyond the structure itself.  We put our umbrella of concern over every aspect of construction, design, execution, logistics, long term maintenance, and service.

The importance of logistics cannot be understated.  Management and organization are crucial aspects of jobsite production, scheduling and planning, and execution of a seamless timeline.  We are experts in logistics.  We manage every aspect of the job from start to finish.  The communication process between clients, architects, Beyond Structure, and subcontractors is seamless and easy.  We are happy to dedicate our time to your needs and concerns throughout the process and well beyond completion.

We are constantly striving to be smart and efficient in our production and methods.  We are always researching and improving our methods and incorporating new products and technologies into every aspect of our work.  We pride ourselves on our ability to find efficient methods and solutions for everyday processes and any obstacles that cross our paths.  There is no such thing as a job element that is too complicated.  If we don't readily know the answer, we'll do the research and find a solution, quickly.

At Beyond Structure Builders, we know we are only as strong as our weakest link.  For that reason, we don't like to think of our staff as people that we have hired, but rather a team that we have recruited.  We've been extremely diligent over the years to search out those who have care for their work, have an eye toward quality, attention to detail, strong ethical background, and a high level of commitment.  It has been a slow build to get to the level of excellence that we have in our ranks, and we continually monitor progress, continuing education, and commitment to quality that we've fostered over the years.

The same values hold true with our team of subcontractors.  We've built a fine team of companies that share the same purpose we do.  Every subcontractor has been critically screened and held to the same high standard of excellence that we expect of ourselves. This has made us a strong team, capable of undertaking any project with great success.

Beyond Structure Builders


Beyond Structure Builders offers a broad range of services, all backed with the expertise of a professional construction team, at your disposal 24 hours a day.

  • Custom Homes

    From the soil underneath your house to the air inside your house, every detail including and beyond the structure is expertly considered.  Custom homes are one-of-a-kind.  Your home has never been built before, so we'll consider every thought, detail, idea, and inspiration throughout the construction process.  It is the perfect synergy of quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, expert execution, logistical management, and client communication.  Our dedicated team of employees works tirelessly to create homes that are expressive of your unique tastes, while ensuring a fun, worry-free process.

  • Renovations

    Renovation is not simply attention to details, but attention to your details.  Whether your project includes an extensive addition, a new kitchen or master bathroom, Beyond Structure Builders is uniquely prepared to fulfill your vision. Each project, big or small, receives the expertise and dedication necessary to redefine any existing area into a new space.  We also understand that we are guests in your home and will respect your private space.  We take pride in making sure personal items are preserved and protected throughout the process.  We are respectful of your schedule and will work with you to develop a timetable that best fits your lifestyle.

  • Home Maintenance

    For most of us, our homes are the biggest investment we'll ever make.  Beyond Structure will develop and coordinate short and long term maintenance plans to protect that investment.  Having a plan in place is a crucial consideration in preserving the longevity of your home.

    Beyond Structure can look after your home in your absence and make sure your home is being taken care of with regard to ongoing maintenance and service.  We can facilitate lawn and landscape service, cleaning service, snow and garbage removal, meetings with service professionals, and package and delivery arrivals.


  • Home Preparation

    Beyond Structure will ensure your home is in perfect order, whether you plan to enjoy your space privately, or to entertain family and friends. Our home preparation services include comprehensive checking of lighting and temperature control, grocery shopping, laundry services, floral arrangements, and seasonal decorating.

  • Commercial Projects

    Our foundations in quality residential construction, accented by our diverse background of experiences and mastery of logistics, enables us to bring a unique level of quality to the commercial world.  This commitment to quality is further punctuated by our ability to meet aggressive deadlines.  We routinely partner with architects and designers in collaborative efforts to find efficient, smart solutions that effectively serve our clients.






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